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Our goal is simple: Help you read the labels so that you know what you are eating. We believe that if you do not recognize an ingredient, neither does your body. There's a secret to feeling your best that will revolutionize grocery shopping, meal planning and menu selections. I can't wait to share it with you.

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March 17, 2023

Is Titanium Dioxide Considered A Clean Ingredient?

Titanium dioxide has made recent headlines in the news, and it seems to have made a controversial mark.  Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a naturally occurring mineral that is widely used as a white pigment in...

March 14, 2023

One Shocking Ingredient That Is In Your Smoothie

You are gearing up for springtime, shorts and a better mood with smoothies and detoxes.  In an effort to save time (plus the mess), you grab a smoothie at the grocery store expecting the “diet” to be...

March 02, 2023

3 Things to Look For When Choosing Almond Milk

People like to think that they’re choosing a “healthier” option when they choose almond milk over cow’s milk. But a lot of the popular almond milk options are full of unnecessary ingredients that can actually...

February 23, 2023

3 Reasons to Say No to Cheerios

Cheerios have been a staple in so many households for a long time. It’s marketed as being “heart healthy” and is apparently known to “help lower cholesterol.” The bright yellow box displays the cereal in a...

February 02, 2023

2 Things To Look For In Hot Sauce

People love hot sauce because it adds a spicy and flavorful kick to food. Additionally, some studies suggest that the capsaicin in hot peppers can have health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and...

January 29, 2023

What’s The Difference Between Grass Fed and Grass Fed Finished Beef?

  You’re at the grocery store reading organic, 100% grass-fed, free range, pasture raised, non-GMO… It’s all so overwhelming. The food industry is confusing, and it’s not your fault. There are some real...

January 25, 2023

Top 3 Health Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the growing understanding of the importance of gut health and the role of the gut microbiome in our overall health. Research has shown that...

January 18, 2023

Why Are Food Additives In Food?

Do you know those ingredients that seem like they came right out of a science book? They’re the ones that are hard to pronounce and usually not familiar looking. More than likely, the questionable ingredient...

January 16, 2023

3 Reasons To Choose Grass Fed Butter

In the south, there’s a saying that people love to use, “Butter makes everything better.” It adds a richness in flavor that is hard to beat! Butter was once made to be something that was evil and extremely...

January 12, 2023

Is Sodium Nitrate or Sodium Nitrite Clean?

Preservatives are typically added to food to extend the shelf life and make them last longer. Sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are salts that are often used as a preservative to fit this category. You’ll...

January 11, 2023

What’s The Difference Between Natural And Artificial Flavors?

You see it all the time on the front of food products - NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS. Just by plastering that on the front, you may already be thinking that this brand truly cares about making their products...

January 10, 2023

How To Choose A Chocolate Bar Made With Real Ingredients

Chocolate tends to be a staple in most people’s diets. There’s no shortage when it comes to chocolate treat options, and you can usually find the tasty treat at any store you go to. Seriously… convenience...

January 06, 2023

Does Your Coffee Contain Mold And Toxins?

For many people, the morning doesn’t actually start until you’ve had that hot cup of coffee. It’s warm and comforting and offers that jolt of energy to kickstart your day. Before you choose just any bag of...

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