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One Shocking Ingredient That Is In Your Smoothie

March 14, 2023

You are gearing up for springtime, shorts and a better mood with smoothies and detoxes.  In an effort to save time (plus the mess), you grab a smoothie at the grocery store expecting the “diet” to be effortless and successful.  Today, we posted a popular brand smoothie and unbeknownst to most, it contains an ingredient known as “natural flavors.”

  1. No one is reading labels, unless you have become aware of them thru Wake UP!

  2. Natural Flavors does not sound harmful or bad but we are going to define what they are for you today so that you are educated and informed on smoothie options

Natural flavors are very misleading because it literally has the word natural in it.  If it is natural flavors, shouldn’t they be defined such as cloves, cilantro, vanilla, cherry, etc?

Natural Flavors

The scary thing about natural flavors is that the producer BEGINS with an essential oil or extract from a plant or animal source but then mixtures can be made up of over 100 chemicals. Here is how it works - One must use heat and/or enzymes to get the flavor from these natural sources to add them to foods. We are misled to only read “natural” but they often contain artificial and synthetic chemicals added during the manufacturing process...bummer.   Additional unwanted ingredients such as solvents, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers, and preservatives can make up 80% to 90% of natural flavors, causing them not to be so “natural" at its end state in which we consume.

The smoothie we posted today - why can’t we just have the strawberry, apple, banana and orange juice / puree?  It is because withOUT the natural flavors, it would just be subtle fruit-flavored and not a WOW, this is an amazing factor.  Our taste buds are definitely high-jacked and we expect food flavors to really pop because of these natural flavoring additives in food.


Here at WAKE UP!, we encourage clients to find products that are made up of real ingredients.  When you do this, your belly stop bloating, your skin begins to clear, you sleep better, symptoms of your body screaming often begin to shush!  This is a Wake UP! Moment…realizing the link between food and health.  Let’s take two scenarios to understand when and how to read the labels:

Smoothies - can you find one or make one easily with just real ingredients? No inflammatory oils, refined sweeteners, preservatives or natural flavors.  If so, do it.  Win the moment where you can and it adds up!

Chips - can you find one with real ingredients?  You are at your local grocery and only spot chips with cassava (or potatoes), coconut oil and natural flavors.  The other chips surrounding you at this moment have inflammatory oils and bloating flours.  We would say - get the ones with cassava, coconut oil and natural flavors because you eat clean and this will not hold you back.  You have to choose perfectly clean when you can and know how to find the “least” amount of inflammatory ingredients at those moments when you can not find perfect options.


With spring happening around the corner, people are sending messages asking for detoxes and “fresh” recipes to incorporate into their day.  Our 7-day detox is sure to reset your taste buds to escape those sneaky ingredients and allow your belly to feel good as a beginning into your clean eating journey.

There is a master-list and you will look like a queen (or king) finding ALL clean foods.  Some of the smoothies and meals in the guide can serve two.  So, either share with someone you care about, cut recipe in half or just eat the rest if you get hungry again.  It is a game-changer for all smoothies, you can recognize all ingredients and we want to hear how you feel afterwards.

Jen Smiley Detox Guide

Grab your copy today so that you know exactly which foods to get, how to make them and feel amazing.

Here at Wake Up and Read The Labels, we help people learn how to read ingredient labels on the food they eat. We are not licensed, medical professionals. We are here to educate. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.

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