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3 Reasons To Choose Grass Fed Butter

January 16, 2023

In the south, there’s a saying that people love to use, “Butter makes everything better.” It adds a richness in flavor that is hard to beat! Butter was once made to be something that was evil and extremely unhealthy for us, but it’s been making a comeback as further studies are done.

Not all butter should be treated equally, though. Butter is made from cow’s milk, and depending on what the cow eats, the butter that is produced can be very different. Let’s review the differences.

Grain Fed Cows

The cows fed grain are typically eating a mixture of soy and corn, and it’s very unnatural for them. They wouldn’t typically be eating this if they weren’t raised on a farm with feedlots. The cows are fed the grain to quickly fatten them up and then they’re sent to be slaughtered 

Grass Fed Cows

Cows that are fed grass are allowed to graze naturally in the pasture and eat off of the land. These cows end up not having as much fat due to the more natural diet, but the composition of the fat is vastly different and more nutritious than grain fed cows.

Because of the different ways in which cows are fed, the butter that also comes from the cows can be vastly different. Here are three reasons why butter from grass fed cows is better than butter from grain fed cows.

1. Contains Healthier Fats

Studies show that grass fed better contains more of the healthy omega-3’s than regular butter coming from grain fed cows. Much of the population is currently consuming too many omega-6’s, and we need a good balance of both omega 3’s and 6’s. Grass fed butter contains more omega-3’s, so it’s going to be a better source to help balance out the ratio between omega 3’s and 6’s than butter from grain fed cows.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Another study also sheds light on butter from grass fed cows containing more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is believed to help reduce fat deposits as well as help improve immune function.

Grass fed butter contains 500% more of CLA than butter coming from grain fed cows, which means it’s going to be a better option to promote healthy immune function and reduce chronic inflammation.

3. Good Source of Vitamins

Grass fed butter contains Vitamin A and Vitamin K2. 

Vitamin A is a vitamin that can not be produced in our bodies, so we have to find foods that can source it. We need Vitamin A to help maintain healthy teeth, bones, and skin, plus it is vital for reproduction, our vision, and immune function.

Vitamin K2 is often found in fermented foods and animal products, and it plays a very important role in regulating our calcium levels and keeping our bones strong and healthy. A study in the 1990’s showed that people that had a high intake of Vitamin K2 also had a 50% reduction in their risk of heart disease.

You Are What You Eat

Always remember the saying, “You are what you eat.” This applies to your butter, too. Choose a butter that is made from grass fed cows rather than grain fed cows. The health benefits outshine standard butter immensely. 

Grass fed butter typically is more yellow in color and is more flavorful, too. It’s a winner on all levels! Next time you’re at the grocery store choosing butter, stick to one that reads “Grass Fed.” 

Wake Up and Read the Labels is here to help you make all the clean choices. If you’re ready to learn more quickly, book a call with a food coach to discuss your clean eating journey. We have all the clean eating tips ready for you.

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