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Does Your Coffee Contain Mold And Toxins?

January 06, 2023

For many people, the morning doesn’t actually start until you’ve had that hot cup of coffee. It’s warm and comforting and offers that jolt of energy to kickstart your day. Before you choose just any bag of coffee off the grocery store shelves, you’ll want to do a little research.

Not all coffee can be treated equally. A lot of the coffee in the world contains something dangerous called mycotoxins, which can cause some serious side effects.

Before you start to panic, don’t worry. We’ll make sure you know how to find coffee without mold and toxins.

What Are Mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are toxins that are created from mold. They are poisonous and the biggest culprit to the health issues that arise. There are two main mycotoxins that are found in coffee:

These mycotoxins tend to make your coffee taste bitter which makes you feel like you need to add lots of creamer and sugar. They also can cause all sorts of health problems such as:

Why Are Mycotoxins In Coffee?

Depending on where the coffee is sourced, how it’s processed, or even how it’s shipped, any of these factors can contribute to the level of mycotoxins that are present. 

Coffee beans typically grow in more tropical, humid climates, and the moisture in the air can lead to more mold growth among the coffee beans. When coffee beans are processed and cleaned, oftentimes they’re not dried properly which can cause the growth of mold. Coffee beans are also shipped across the world and when improperly stored, mold can grow.

So the mold grows on the coffee beans, and the mold produces the mycotoxins. If the coffee isn’t tested for mold, then you’re likely left drinking coffee with mycotoxins!

We recently discussed the importance of the testing process with some of our favorite coffee experts from Bulletproof Coffee. In this podcast episode, we talk about mycotoxins that could be hiding in your coffee, how to avoid them, and how Bulletproof differs from your average cup of joe.  

How Do You Find Coffee Without Mycotoxins?

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t leave you without an option to enjoy your morning cup of joe. Bulletproof is our favorite choice, but there are some others to choose from, too.

Natural Force lists out 5 great options, and we’re sure that you’ll find one to fit your liking. 

To learn more about the hidden dangers of toxic coffee, we highly recommend you listen to our podcast, Avoiding Hidden Toxins in Your Coffee with Emily Gonzalez. Emily is the Manager of Science and Nutrition at Bulletproof, and she’s extremely knowledgeable about our favorite morning energy booster.


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