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5 Reasons Why Clean Eating Works

May 25, 2022

Our founder, Jen, used to workout tons, get prescribed medicine for reflux, felt defeated in the mornings and battled constant bloating. She tried switching to “healthier” alternatives but still…reflux, fatigue, bloat, skin outbreaks. Then one day, out of boredom, she read the entire wrapper on her protein bar. She always read nutrition facts, but that day she decided to dive into the small print and research the ingredients she couldn’t pronounce. Jen soon realized that these preservatives, fillers and artificial sugars existed EVERYWHERE. And this is when she decided to Wake Up! 

Once she discovered clean ice cream, bread, tortillas, proteins, condiments, yogurts and all of her other favoriteUntitled design (61) foods, she kept up in workouts, didn’t need reflux medication and jumped out of bed in the mornings. At Wake Up, we make eating easier because you’re discovering all the ways to bring your favorite foods back into your life and the lack of preservatives helps you feel better every day. 

Clean eating, essentially, eating food as close as possible to its natural state, has seen a rapid increase in adoption as one of the best lifestyle choices that can be made. The truth is, dieting is hard because you have no control over ingredients you don’t understand. Many are choosing to opt-out of diet programs, foods, and fads to follow a lifestyle that is more sustainable. Clean eating is a lifestyle choice that aims at only eating and drinking ingredients that you and your body can recognize. If you can't recognize what's on that label, chances are, your body can't either.

Lastly, clean eating works. Follow along to find out why.


1. Clean Eating is NOT a Diet

Chances are, if you're reading this, you have either followed a diet in the past or may even be on one right now, but the same cycle continues. One of the strongest (and primary) reasons why clean eating works is that it is not a diet by any means. Clean eating is overcoming the food industry choices and understanding the ingredients in food. It’s an education and you feel different when you eat real foods. Reading the labels isn’t as scary as it sounds. Like we’ve said a dozen times, if you don’t recognize an ingredient, neither does your body™. 

Once you have learned how to read the labels, clean eating will transform your lifestyle and the way you eat will have a positive impact on your life. If you’re struggling to find clean foods, we would love to help you get started. Our Summer Berry Salad is a great way to kick off summer with a clean recipe. 


2. Weight Loss Can Be a Natural Benefit

Without gyms or fitness studios available during the peak of the pandemic, a popular search term was “losing weight without exercise.”


While our world continues to shift, exercise is still an important aspect that should be incorporated into your life, but if your primary goal is weight loss, the importance of nutrition cannot be overstressed. We are not nutritionists, but it is even said by health professions that as much as 80% of weight loss is correlated to what you put into your body. Clean eating helps to regulate the body's levels to a normal level, as eating clean and naturally has been the standard for our bodies for thousands of years. If you are fed up with weighing every meal and feeling more and more restricted to another diet, clean eating with natural ingredients could be the change you are looking for. 


3. Real Food Has Positive Effects on Your Health

Have you ever heard the term “Make your food your medicine?" While it is extremely important to develop clean eating habits for several reasons, perhaps of chief importance is your health and wellness. Clean eating for some helps to build your body from its foundations, which means regulating blood sugar levels, increasing your body's immunity, reducing inflammation, and the overall healing and regeneration of your body's organs. 

We aren’t nutritionists, but The Washington Post researched this very topic and concluded that clean eating can help to control certain chronic health conditions, and in some cases, eliminate the need for medication, or cure the ailment altogether. Hence, Jen no longer needs to use reflux medication! Learn more about our client Beth and her experience so far below. 

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4. Use Natural Energy to Get More Done

Often, you may find yourself reaching for a midday pick-me-up, like a Starbucks drink or another sugary snack to get you through the day. While sugar may provide a short-term energy boost, it may make you feel sick, bloated, tired, or groggy after a few hours. 

Clean eating assists the body in digesting the proper nutrients, so that your body doesn't work as hard, keeping you awake and attentive. While it may be difficult to kick the sugar craving in the first few days, clean eating will certainly provide more energy in the long term. Spending more time playing with your kids, keeping up in workouts and wanting to jump out of bed in the mornings all starts with your clean eating journey!


5. Never Stop Eating the Foods You Love

Our favorite part about making the switch to clean eating is that you really aren’t “switching” at all! You don’t have to stop eating your favorite types of foods because there are clean alternatives out there for just about anything. Don’t have time to cook? No problem. Our team has a collection of clean freezer meals, frozen pizza crusts, grab and go items. We also teach our clients how to order clean Mexican, Italian, Indian, American, Thai, sushi and more! Once you understand ingredients, you can eat literally anywhere! 

A large advantage of clean eating is that there is no strict diet, calorie counting, and restriction, as eating whole and healthy food is naturally filling and clean ingredients can be found everywhere. While it may be a difficult shift at first, changes are noticeable even after the first few days to your wellness and habits. Throughout a longer period, you may notice that your body only craves clean foods. For more recipes, clean products and client testimonials, check out our Instagram.

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Here at Wake Up and Read The Labels, we help people learn how to read ingredient labels on the food they eat. We are not licensed, medical professionals. We are here to educate. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.

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