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Do You Season Your Food?

November 11, 2022

They sit in a rack or in a small cupboard. You use them daily - whether it’s a scrambled egg in the morning for breakfast, or chicken for dinner, you sprinkle in some extra flavor.

Have you ever read the labels on your seasoning?

Let’s look at Lawry’s Seasoned Salt for example…

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The first ingredient is salt - great. The second ingredient is sugar…why is sugar in our seasoning? On top of sugar, you can find tricalcium phosphate, sunflower oil and “natural flavors”. NO THANK YOU. This is just a recipe for inflammation.

Thankfully, there’s a clean alternative out there called Pluck.

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Pluck turns ordinary food into a delicious superfood using a 100% natural combination of organic herbs, spices and ground organ meats. Organ meats are an incredible source of nutrition, and coming from grass fed and finished animals, you can be confident that it’s as good for you as it tastes. 

On our latest episode of the Wake Up & Read The Labels podcast, I spoke to James Barry, creator of this functional food product. 

During this episode, James goes back to a time when his youngest daughter got sick, and he was inspired to develop a product that he says is “as close to nature as possible.” He even leads us in a fun game where we identify what country certain foods come from. Listen here.

You deserve to feel good, AND your body deserves to be fed with nourishing food that’s easy to digest. 

At Wake UP, we help you discover everything you need to know to enjoy your life free of food restrictions, while still feeding your body everything it needs and not giving it anything it doesn’t.

Here at Wake Up and Read The Labels, we help people learn how to read ingredient labels on the food they eat. We are not licensed, medical professionals. We are here to educate. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinicians.

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